• Asus AC01 ROG Gaming Wrist Rest, Black, 370 x 75 x 21mm

    ROG Gaming Wrist Rest with soft-foam cushioning for ergonomic comfort and designed in tenkeyless fit for compatibility with most mechanical keyboards

    • Premium soft-foam wrist rest offers cushioned support at an ergonomic angle so you can play comfortably round after round
    • Non-slip rubber pads ensure the wrist rest stays firmly in place no matter how intense the gaming action
    • Tenkeyless fit designed for perfect compatibility with ROG Claymore and most full-sized and tenkeyless mechanical keyboards


    ROG Gaming Wrist Rest
    The best ergonomic wrist rest to pair up with your ROG mechanical keyboard. ROG Gaming Wrist Rest perfectly match with the ROG Claymore mechanical keyboard and also adaptable for most keyboards and laptops. With the ergonomic design and high-quality foam interior offer you maximum support and soft comfort while gaming.
    80% Tenkeyless Design
    According to the usage habit research, since the most commonly used range is only 80% of the keyboard. The tenkeyless design is the best match for all players’ needs. It not only provides a comfortable typing and gaming experience with your gaming mechanical keyboard but also easy to carry. Fit for ROG Claymore and then some
    High-Quality Foam
    ROG Gaming Wrist Rest provide your wrist to rest on, firmness and support. The angle of ROG Gaming Wrist Rest fits most keyboards or notebooks, the ergonomic design improve hand and wrist posture, rest your wrists on a cushion instead of the desk, keeps your wrists from getting hurt and carpal tunnel syndrome, relaxing and comfortable use such as gaming and typing, more care with your hand and wrist.
    Anti-Slip Rubber
    Movements can get intense when you are gaming, causing your equipment to slide around. With the anti-slip rubber feet, the Gaming Wrist Rest stays fixed to your desk so you can focus on your game. It fits nicely against the edge of your keyboard, taking up little space and at the same time keeps your keyboard in place.
  • Asus ROG SCABBARD Gaming Mouse Pad, Splash & Scratch Proof, 900 x 400 mm

    Extended gaming mouse pad with superior durability and splash resistance, glow in the dark lettering, anti fray stitching and non slip base

    • Extended gaming mouse pad offers a large surface for mouse movement, and extra space for gaming gear
    • Splash proof and durable Cordura® Lite fabric
    • Glow in the dark ROG Scabbard lettering
    • Non-slip ‘ROG red’ rubber base
    • Anti-fray stitched edges


    ROG SCABBARD Gaming Mouse Pad sets the stage for your most epic fights and stunning victories. Made from durable, splash-proof and stain resistant Cordura® Lite fabric, this extended gaming mouse pad offers ample space for your mouse and gaming gear, making it the ideal gaming battle ground. Featuring glow in the dark lettering, anti fray stitched edges and a non slip ‘ROG red’ rubber base, ROG Scabbard is your best gaming ally.


    ROG Scabbard protects against accidentally knocked over drinks while at the same time being easy to maintain. Made of durable, splash proof and stain resistant Cordura® Lite fabric, the material of choice for top international military and outdoor athletic brands, it provides a consistent and responsive tracking surface, and keeps in pristine condition no matter what your gaming throws at it.


    The textile weave surface is designed to deliver a smooth surface with adequate friction, great for both optical and laser sensors. And the 2mm thick, slightly cushioned surface brings an added level of gaming comfort.


    This large surface area, measuring 900 x 400 x 2mm, covers all your gaming gear and accessory needs, including laptop, keyboard and mouse. In the heat of battle, it protects your desk against drink spills and scratches.


    ROG Scabbard’s clean design blends perfectly into any setup. When the lights go down and it’s time to game, a glow-in-the-dark ROG Scabbard lettering adds a cool aesthetic to your gaming area.


    With its durable Cordura® Lite fabric surface, anti-fray stitched edges and a non-slip ‘ROG red’ rubber base that firmly grips any surface, ROG Scabbard is a long-lasting gaming mouse pad engineered to endure the heaviest of battles and much more.
  • Asus ROG STRIX SLICE Gaming Mouse Pad, Ultrathin Design, Glow-in-the-dark Logo, 350 x 250 x 0.6 mm

    ROG Strix Slice gaming mouse pad featuring an ultrathin, hard, smooth surface, nonslip base, high durability and portability. Perfect for optical and laser mice.

    • Low friction surface for fast, unhindered mouse gliding that tracks even the smallest movements, and ideal for both optical and laser mice.
    • Cyberpunk theme with glow in the dark ROG logo to stand out in every tournament.
    • Ultrathin design for sleek appearance and easy portability.
    • Durable, easy-to-clean surface ensures the best performance game after game.
    • Nonslip silicone base keeps its grip on your worktop or table, no matter how fierce the action.

    Minimum Friction, Maximum Action 

    ROG Strix Slice is a thin portable mouse pad with a hard, low-friction surface for swift and smooth glides, and a nonslip silicone base that guarantees a firm grip during fierce action. With a glow in the dark logo and durable polycarbonate surface, Strix Slice elevates your skill in any tournament.

    Smooth Glide, Spot-On Accuracy

    ROG Strix SLICE Gaming Mouse Pad is crafted from low friction polycarbonate to provide a fatigue reducing hard surface that’s also completely smooth, enabling effortless, fast sweeps during even the fiercest fights. The pad also offers wipe clean ease, for fast everyday maintenance. Suitable for both laser and optical sensors, it allows your mouse to track every movement instantly translating your reactions to the actio

    Shine On, Be Seen

    With luminous ROG logo channeling cyberpunk style, ROG Strix Slice literally glows in the dark setting the scene and illuminating your mastery of the gaming arena.

    Ultrathin, and Fits Right in

    There’s a mere 0.6mm thickness to ROG Strix Slice, all but eliminating the gap between your pad and table. This provides a seamless transition from mouse to wrist to worktop, keeping your concentration in the game.

    Battle Hardened for Every Battlefield

    Manufactured from durable polycarbonate, ROG Strix Slice is inherently protected against spills and splashes, while dirt just wipes right off. The pad’s hard surface is resistant to scratches, so you’ll enjoy superb performance through countless campaigns.

    Firm Grip, No Grit

    With a nonslip base ROG Strix Slice stays put, regardless of how frantic the action becomes. The silicone material takes just a quick wipe to remove any grit and grime, keeping your mouse pad clean from top to bottom.

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